Mobile Baby Information | YBDB mobi

Forget baby name books, now expectant parents can find baby names from many languages and cultures on their iPhone, BlackBerry, Sidekick or other mobile phone with YBDB stands for “Your Baby Database.” In addition to baby names, it also includes early symptoms of pregnancy, top ten baby names from previous years, and a place […] Read more » Offers 7 Tips On Making Your Road Trip More Enjoyable This Memorial Day

Woodbury, CT. (PRWEB) May 22, 2008 — Memorial Day is a great time for a daytrip or weekend road trip to kick off the start of summer. Here are seven must-pack items to keep your cool and your cash when the roads heat up. 1. Pack snacks. If you’re munching on healthy food like apples, […] Read more »

Mobi of the Month | Gas Food Lodging mobi

Travel and transportation seems to be the trend here lately at mobi Enthusiast, and here’s another one fresh out of the winner’s circle. Congratulations to, the winner of member voting at the mobi forum. Wherever you are in the United States, you can search for just what the name implies — gas, food, […] Read more »

Australia Travel Guide | AU1 mobi

If you’re in Australia or planning a trip, have a look at The Australian mobile website directory is organized geographically for Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria, Tasmania, South Australia, West Australia, Northern Territory and ACT. The sites is further broken into cities and towns, so once you have your destination pinpointed, you can select […] Read more »

Dinner Delivery mobi | Zip Code Dining Directory

Using the mobile internet can help you save money on directory assistance charges, especially if you are looking for a restaurant. A new mobi site,, offers the convenience of finding a restaurant by zip code. The searchable database allows users to select a restaurant by cuisine type, and also offers driving directions. Bon appetit! Read more »

.mobi Site Spotlight: is a mobile site to help English language learners understand some of the unique pronunciations of American English. American speakers do not always pronounce words the way they are written, and often abbreviate parts of words, and it can be difficult for learners to understand. also offers an interactive quiz for English business […] Read more »