Mobile Site or App?

What’s Better for Your Business: A Mobile Site or an App? It seems like every day I encounter small business owners and developers who are having trouble deciding which would be better, a mobile site or an app. Earlier this year, the general consensus was that apps were the way to go, with very few […] Read more »

Mobile Payments | Paypal Mobile

Business owners and developers who are serious about making money on the mobile web need a product to sell and a way to collect payments. Paypal has an entire section in their Paypal Developer Network devoted to answering questions about adding the famous “pay now” button to mobile sites and apps. The Paypal Mobile Payment […] Read more »

Now’s A Great Time to Pick a Mobile Domain Name

Do you own or represent a business? Or are you a regular person who likes to write about your hobbies? If so, there has never been a better time to be at the forefront of a technical phenomenon. As usual, I’m talking about the mobile web. You see, domain name investors have finally figured out […] Read more »

Small Business and the Mobile Internet – Podcast

Today on mobi Enthusiast dot mobi the focus is on small business on the mobile internet. Specifically, what do small businesses need to know about mobile marketing and securing a presence on the rapidly developing mobile internet? Rather than have you read about it, today you have the chance to hear about it. Podcast with […] Read more »

Pomeranian Dogs Mobile Site | Poms mobi

Small businesses are finding out that the mobile web is a great way to reach potential customers. Australian Pomeranian breeder Denise reports that “On the weekend I received an email via my mobi site asking about the purchase of a Pomeranian for show purposes in Indonesia.” Denise has a celebrity client list and many […] Read more »

Small Business mobi | Patio Furniture Store mobi

It’s National Small Business Week here in the States and we missed the memo. Thanks to the dotMobi Registry (mobile link to story) (computer link to story) for cluing us in. mobi Enthusiast found a patio furniture store in Delray Beach, Florida, that showcases their wares and yet keeps the graphics file sizes small enough […] Read more »