The Essential Must-Have Features for your Mobile Website

What’s the least I can put on my mobile site?

Frequently I am asked, “What do I need on my mobile web site?” The least, bare-bones components that ought to appear on your mobile site are:

  1. Your company name and logo.
  2. What products or services your company provides.
  3. How can people buy from you? Click to call is a great feature for this, especially since mobile shopping carts are hard to find.
  4. How can customers contact you? You can include an email form or click to call feature on your site.

Is that enough? In the beginning, I would say yes. Start small and build your site as you get more expertise or funding. That way, the search engines can start to index your site now, even with this basic information. Later, you can add a blog, a map to your location, and customer testimonials. When payment gateways and mobile shopping cart programs and services become more cost-effective and widely available, you’ll have a head start on your competition.


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