Unhappy with Airline Service? Try This | Airline Complaints mobi

Airline Complaints Mobi

Complaints about poor airline service are in the news again with airlines cutting flights, leaving people on runways and generally irritating their customers. Now you can do something about it, if only to get it off your chest. AirlineComplaints.mobi is a live forum where unhappy travelers can vent their frustrations about U.S. and International airlines. A PC version of the site also is available.

Users must register to log an airline complaint, and employees of airlines are required to identify themselves as such or have their account banned. We expect a lot of these posts are made with iPhones, BlackBerries and web enabled mobile phones directly from the airport.


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  1. DomainBits says:

    If promoted well, this could become a *very* popular website. The frustration that people feel with their treatment by the airlines is really boiling over.

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