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wei wei mobi

We’ve been holding out on you dear mobi Enthusiast readers… but the wait is over. With the Beijing Olympics almost here, it’s time to show what is arguably the most beautiful and cutting edge mobi site on the internet: WeiWei.mobi.

Written in both English and Chinese, the site is a shining example of what we should expect from a mobi site. If I seem like I am fawning, that’s because I am. While the dot mobi community was first trying to figure out how to fit into the ready.mobi standards, the developers behind WeiWei.mobi had figured out how to create excellent content with beautiful pictures and provide downloadable music on a phone.

Wei Wei herself has been a star in China for 20 years, according to her website. The Wei Wei mobile site includes a welcome, news, music, the Olympics, a blog, community, and an online mobile store. The “goodies” section contains links to learn English and Mandarin, as well as several sections under development. There is also a ringtone in English and Mandarin.


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