Why You Should Know Mark Fulton


If you are interested at all in making websites, social media, analytics, trends, WordPress, or just interesting tech reading in general, then do yourself a favor and become a regular reader of Mark Fulton‘s work.

Mark runs Dotsauce Magazine, an industry website for people who invest in domain names. That’s a good website. However, the real value Mark brings to the table for people who are interested in the more mainstream aspects of internet and business marketing come from his @dotsauce Twitter posts (he has over 13.5K followers) and his Facebook account, where he has over 726 friends.

Mark is one of the most generous people on the internet today, sharing all the resources he finds along the way. This post is my way of saying “thank you” to him, and share this most valuable resource with readers of this blog.

Go friend or follow him now. You’ll be glad you did.


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