Woodbury CT Mobile Site

Woodbury CT Mobile

Woodbury, Connecticut is a small town in New England in the United States. It’s known as a weekend getaway and a great place to find antiques. Although Woodbury claims nostalgic charm, it’s newest addition, Woodbury.mobi is modern and high tech.

The site uses device detection, which means that if you visit the site from a computer it will look different than if you visit it from a smartphone. The desktop interface is crisp and simple, with attractive icons throughout. The business directory is sizeable and expanding, proving there is a local marketing audience for mobile-based geographical (geo) .mobi sites. The mobile version is attractive and easy to navigate, and resembles a well-designed iPhone app. (Note: mobile sites are also known as “web apps” now).

Woodbury.mobi comes right out and tells the readers a philosophy we’ve held at mobiEnthusiast.mobi for quite some time. Desktop sites are good for computers, but mobile sites are a must for handheld devices and smartphones:

Have you ever visited a website that was made for a PC or MAC on your mobile phone? Chances are you had to pinch and zoom to view the content or the information was completely jumbled up. Personally, we find that distracting when all you want to do is find information quickly and easily at first glance. What we’ve done here at woodbury.mobi is we’ve taken the information that is most important to our visitors and tailored the content to fit the size of your phone. The next time you’re travelling (not while you’re driving) or have your mobile phone handy, visit our website from your mobile phone’s web browser at www.woodbury.mobi

    Woodbury.mobi contains the following categories:

  • Things to do
  • Weather
  • Food and Drink
  • Antiques
  • Real Estate
  • Lodging
  • All Businesses (Business Directory)

All in all, I would look to Woodbury.mobi as a benchmark for what a local mobile directory can offer. It is independently owned and not affiliated with any official government or municipal agency.

Thank you to Woodbury.mobi for participating in the mobiEnthusiast Japan Earthquake relief effort. A donation was made by the developer to the Americares Japan Earthquake and Tsunami Fund.


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