WordPress Mobile Plugin Header Error and Last Night’s Outage

Thank you for your patience during our mobile outage last night (or yesterday for those of you on different timezones). I am in the process of testing some advertising, and the wordpress mobile plugin didn’t like it much and suggested I was messing up the header.

For those of you who are planning to modify the wordpress mobile plugin from Andy Moore, here is what I added to fix header errors:

After the opening <?php add this line of code:


So, this is what the start of the plugin will look like:



Plugin Name: WordPress Mobile

Plugin URI: http://www.andymoore.info/wordpress-mobile-plugin/

Now I am off to find out why the banners look so odd and to fix them. Thank you to iLyrics.mobi and modernist.mobi for your patience. This is why it is called beta testing.


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