You’re Invited to a Worldwide Mobile Search Experiment

Have you done a mobile search for Olympics results and been disappointed with the number of sites you could access on a mobile phone? Are most of the results for full pc sites? What did you see, and did you see the same thing as everyone else? That’s what we’d like to know.

You’re Invited to the Experiment

This is a pretty easy experiment. Here’s how to participate:

  1. Type the following into your browser: Winter + Olympics + mobile
  2. Tell us what search engine you used
  3. Tell us what city/country you were in at the time of the search
  4. Indicate whether you used a computer or a mobile phone to get the results
  5. Provide the top ten results
  6. Post your findings in either the comments, below (moderated) or in an email to information [at] (subject line: experiment)

Mobile Search Experiment Background

At least one prominent mobile blogger was disappointed with the small number of mobile sites that came back from his search on a mobile handset. So he did what most bloggers would do: He asked his readers to help him find out the answer.

Andy Favell, the Editor of mobiThinking asked the question, “Why are many great mobile Olympics sites not found by mobile search engines?”

This made me curious, too. Some of the people answered that mobile SEO (search engine optimization) in general is lacking. I weighed in and hypothesized that one’s location and browser type would define, in large part, which results were returned by search engines, as well as the age of the domain name and the ever-changing nature of search engine algorithms.

This morphed into a larger question about who gets to see what from mobile search. If you have a moment and want to participate, please join us.


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