Get More From Your Mobile With Unlimited Data

Today we’re going to look in a bit more detail at the sim cards that are available to really get more from your phone.

The way the cell phone markets have moved on over the last ten years has been nothing short of extraordinary, to the point that Three are now predicting that 5G is set to replace home broadband connections. While phone calls and text messaging continue to grow in popularity and usage, it’s the data element of service plans that consumers really look to from their airtime.

Initially, it seemed like the explosion of internet surfing and data use was driven by the growth of Facebook and Twitter, but now 4G has taken things a step further and video on demand has become the major challenge for mobile data speeds.

Apps like YouTube and Netflix on mobile are common culprits for eating up usage, which is why unlimited data plans are getting more and more popular. That’s especially true of customers buying higher end handsets with big screens, as they tend to use a lot more video and data hungry apps.

The expectation is that with the arrival of 5G connections across the mobile networks in the coming years that the bandwidth available to mobile phones will increase dramatically. That should allow for bottlenecks where a lot of devices in the same area fight over connection speeds and at the same time reduce the amount of areas where signal coverage is poor. Networks are even speculating that dead zones even in remote areas will no longer be a problem, but a lot of experts are yet to be convinced. The proof, as they say, will be in the pudding.

Choosing a good data allowance can make a huge difference to your phone bills, but it’s also a lot do do with geography while we’re still with 4G. Different networks have different plans available, but a huge allowance in a poor signal area is near useless.

A good approach is to narrow down the best deal for you from all the choices across the networks, then use their coverage checkers to establish how well they’re able to provide service where you live, work and hang out. It can take a little bit of work, but narrowing your options down to a few choices that will work where you need it to will avoid a lot of frustration compared to simply being blinded by huge allowances.

Making a good choice now might mean you stick with the same plan for many years to come, especially if you’re opting for a sim only tariff that provides good value from day one.