How To Make A Click To Call Link

Since the ‘mobile web’ gained so much traction, there’s been more and more need to integrate web pages with the functionality of cell phones. It’s got to the point where the majority of web traffic is now mobile, or to put it another way, people are using their phones to access information online more than their computers.

Some people consider tablets like iPads to be mobile, whereas other treat them as a separate category entirely. Regardless, mobile phone browsing can’t be ignored by businesses looking to harness the power of the web to attract new customers.

A click to call link is a means of making it possible for customers to phone you with a simple click on your website. You just need to add a small piece of code to a web page to make it happen – just like you’d link to another page on the web.

The code is simple – use the following format:

<a href=”tel:+44-1234-123456″>Click here to call us</a>
Here’s how it looks: Click here to call us

That’s a number formatted to call the UK number 01234 123456. To break it down further, its the UK dialling code +44, dropping the first zero in the UK area code and then the remainder of the phone number.

If you prefer, you could change the code to make the phone number itself appear on the page:

<a href=”tel:+44-1234-123456″>01234 123456</a>
Here’s how it looks: 01234 123456

Or even do a combination of both:

<a href=”tel:+44-1234-123456″>Click here to call us on 01234 123456</a>
Here’s how it looks: Click here to call us on 01234 123456